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Buying tickets for the Folk Festival

Every year Cambridge hosts a rather fine Folk Festival, sponsored in recent years by BBC Radio 2. And in recent years it has become rather popular, so as a result it is hard to get tickets. In response to this … Continue reading

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Off to India

I’m making a short trip to Delhi with the BBC next week, arriving on May 6 and leaving on the 10th. We’re going to record material for Digital Planet, and I’ll also be meeting up with the Delhi Bloggers on … Continue reading

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What happened to ‘Gone Digital’?

As regular readers will have noticed, I haven’t written my roundup of the week’s Go Digital for a while. Partly that’s because the programme is now called ‘Digital Planet’, but it’s mostly because the production team has now started updating … Continue reading

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Moving life online

[As ever, you can read this on the BBC News website too] The range of new web-based services on offer is vast and growing. Inspired by the early success of innovators like the Flickr photo-sharing site and Google Maps, and … Continue reading

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For ‘We Media’ read ‘They Media’

Just surfing around, as I do, when I came across an interesting piece on the Media Guardian website about Reuters’ plans to partner with Global Voices to provide blog comment around major stories. The final paragraph noted in passing that … Continue reading

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[As ever, you can also read this on the BBC News website] Convergence is in the air again, but this time the focus is not on multi-media phones or bizarre combinations of functions like pacemakers with integrated MP3 players and … Continue reading

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Never mind the OS X

[You can also read this on the BBC News website] Back in 1976, the Sex Pistols were playing their first gigs, and Joe Strummer went off to form The Clash after playing support to them. At the same time, Steve … Continue reading

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Home from Cuba

Lili and I are back from our trip to Havana, where we had a fantastic time, of which more later. Just chugging through th accumulated emails, so here’s a photo of me and the boys to give you a taste….

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