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Modern Times

I’m getting older, if not old – 46 next birthday, and starting to feel it in my joints and show it with my white beard.  But the new Dylan album makes me feel that the whole thing is bearable, that … Continue reading

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Speaking Truthiness to Wikiality

[truthiness:] My article [available here on the blog or here on the BBC] about Wikipedia and the plans by the German edition to put new editorial controls in place on their edition on the site seems to have been … Continue reading

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What can you say in one hundred words?

For the last three months I’ve been working as tame geek and online advisor for two friends who have a fantastic project built around writing and producing plays with one hundred words, and doing them in English and Chinese (Mandarin) … Continue reading

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Dead trees for the rich

Roy Greenslade notes the debate prompted by The Economist’s attempt to understand what is happening in the newspaper world, and refers to a piece on Today earlier this week: Here is the response to The Economist by two editors: Alan … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday Afternoons…

Some of us read the papers, others walk the dog. But for a true geek, Sunday is just the day for installs and configuration. I, like many millions of others, have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router at home. Generally, it’s … Continue reading

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What makes a Wiki?

[As ever, you can read this on the BBC News website] For some time now the people behind Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia assembled from reader contributions and edited and maintained by those who care to get involved, have been coping … Continue reading

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Will we want to open the Windows?

[As ever, this is also on the BBC News website] The imminent release of Vista, the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, could mark the point at which the ongoing argument between two very different models of how software … Continue reading

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Castro’s birthday

Venice: August 2006 Originally uploaded by BillT. Fidel Castro was 80 last Sunday, and I was in Venice But I’d remembered to take along my last cuban cigar, bought in Havana on my trip there with Lili earlier this year… … Continue reading

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Travelling in Turmoil

This should be coming to you from Venice, where the cybercafes have started offering wireless connections and you can even log on while sitting at the Palenca vaparetto stop. Instead I’m sitting on my living room floor trying to decide … Continue reading

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No photography

I do a fair bit of freelance work for the BBC, so I’m often in Bush House and other buildings. While there I sometimes spot things of interest, such as a display case containing Alistair Cooke’s typewriter. And, this being … Continue reading

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