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A future for the Web

On Sunday I gave a talk at Common Europe 2007, a conference for users of IBM’s mid-range System i computers. It was an interesting audience, although I’m not sure what most of them made of my argument against US cultural … Continue reading

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Panorama to ‘investigate’ wifi

Tonight’s Panorama on BBC1 here in the UK has the fair and balanced title ‘ Wi-Fi: a warning signal’ and is introduced on the BBC website as follows: Britain is in the grip of a Wi-Fi revolution with offices, homes … Continue reading

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My bookmarks for May 20th

Here’s what I’ve tagged on May 20th: Memex 1.1 » Blog Archive » Hereâs a thought. And another one, and another one ⦠– Another nice piece from John Shifting Mind » Postalicious – Just what I need – post … Continue reading

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Being Bill

[You can read this on the BBC News website, as usual.] There’s a new widget on my blog, and I’m very pleased with it. A widget is the general term for an item that someone else provides for you to … Continue reading

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Open your laptops and begin…

It is exam time in schools around the UK.  My son, aged 14, has SATs all week, while my daughter has GCSE papers from next Tuesday onwards.  Some of her friends are locked in the art room for their practical … Continue reading

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Me and Simon

Me and Simon Originally uploaded by BillT. It’s a lovely day in Brighton, Apart from the rain. Having a fun time with SimonA

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How Microsoft is changing

[As ever, this is on the BBC News website too] The long-delayed launch of Windows Vista and the associated Office 2007 seems to have been a success, at least financially.  In the last quarter Microsoft earned $14.4 billion and the … Continue reading

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09:F9:11:02:9D: 74:E3:5B:D8: 41:56:C5: 63:56:88:C0

Just doing my bit to ensure that this fascinating hexadecimal number remains in general circulation. With the right software it is apparently rather useful…

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