Getting This Way Up…

One of the best things about working for the World Service is that you get to meet interesting and cool people from all over the world – as you might expect.

One of the nicest is Simon Morton, who was over from New Zealand and worked as a producer on Digital Planet – he was up for anything, and we even got him to have an RFID chip inserted in his arm for a piece (though we covered his bar bill for the club in Barcelona that did it to him).

He’s now back in NZ, where he presents a weekly show called This Way Up, a two-hour programme which explores the stories and issues around things we use and consume, including technology.

I’ve done bits and pieces for them before, but now we’ve started a semi-regular slot where Simon and I chat about the big tech stories of the moment – starting this weekend with a conversation that covers’s rebirth, the damage to Microsoft’s reputation done by the failure of the Windows Genuine Advantage servers and the failure of the Australian government to offer a working porn filter to its citizenry. I suspect the last one was particularly entertaining for the New Zealand audience…

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