Cambridge Film Festival: final weekend

It’s the final weekend of the Cambridge Film Festival and while we’re all tired we’re pretty happy because it has been a great success. We’ll be finishing off with BRIDESHEAD REVISITED tonight, and we’ve got Werner Herzog’s ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD tomorrow. But I’m most excited about Peter Greenaway’s NIGHTWATCHING, not just because I want to see the film but because Greenaway will be there to introduce it and I’ll get a chance to meet the man whose cinematic imagination has inspired my thinking for decades…

Bill introducing the Screen Stories session

Bill introducing the 'Screen Stories' session. Photo: Tom Catchesides

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  2. Will Davies says:

    With that nice black and white border, and the noble-looking beast depicted, it looks like it should have some word like ‘Courage’ or ‘Commitment’ written under it, and be hanging in a dentist’s waiting room 🙂

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