It’s my 48th birthday, and outside the sky is blue (for the moment). That’ll do.

Man and Computer

Man and Computer

(photo from the excellent Tom Catchesides)

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6 Responses to Birthday

  1. weaverluke says:

    Happy Birthday, Bill!

  2. Happy birthday Bill – have a good one. I will be monitoring your twitter feed all day, and if I catch even one hint of Actual Work, I’ll send the boys round.

  3. Marion Catlin says:

    Hello Bill
    Happy belated birthday. A lot of Scorpios. I hope that you enjoyed Friday.

  4. Liam R says:

    Ah! the trusty MacBook… I have the same one, and I’d be lost without it… oh, and happy belated birthday!

  5. Tim Driver says:

    Well either your looking very well or I look very bad at 42 !!

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