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African Broadband

[As ever, this piece is on the BBC News website, where they called it ‘How Broadband is Changing Africa’, though I think the real message is that a broadband Africa will change the Internet…] Norman Borlaug, whose work in Mexico … Continue reading

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No Net Gains for Party Politics

[As ever, you can read this on the BBC News technology pages, and Alan Connor kindly reminded me of his excellent analysis after the 2005 election that made a similar point.] The next British General Election will almost certainly be … Continue reading

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Making Digital Planet in Nairobi

We’ve got another couple of days in Kenya, with some interviews lined up for future episodes of Digital Planet, but we finished off next week’s Connected Africa show last night. Listen! Rory Cellan Jones is in Mombasa, on the coast, … Continue reading

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In Kenya for Digital Planet

One of the best things about working on Digital Planet is that I get the opportunity to visit places that I wouldn’t normally get to, and when I’m there I get to meet a lot of interesting people and talk … Continue reading

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Giving Google Company in the Library

It’s been a busy week. My article on the Google Books settlement (which the BBC headlined as ‘Keeping Google out of Libraries‘, even though my point was that Google should not be the only company in the library, and my … Continue reading

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