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Connecting Clouds

[As ever, this can also be read on the BBC News website] History is littered with manifestos, the public statements of principles and intentions that announce policies, revolutions or ambitious visions in politics and the arts. Every political party produces … Continue reading

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Going Mobile

[As ever, you can read this on the BBC News website too] Most weeks I am fortunate enough to hear about interesting and innovative developments in technology around the world as the in-house commentator for Digital Planet, the World Service … Continue reading

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Grimpen Mire

A while back I wrote a column about cloud computing in which I noted that the physical location our online services still matters, and commented that: In the real world national borders, commercial rivalries and political imperatives all come into … Continue reading

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My bio as a wordle

I took the standard biography I send out to people who want to know and made a Wordle… I think it says more about me than the 1000 word version… And Jamais has done it too…

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It’s my 48th birthday, and outside the sky is blue (for the moment). That’ll do. (photo from the excellent Tom Catchesides)

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